Birthday Cards from Others

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Last Monday was my birthday and everyone pampered me, lots!  I had 4 days of birthday celebration with family and friends.  I even had a friend plants some flowers in my outside flower pots, what a nice surprise.  Now I just need her to water them and keep them alive for me.  At work I came to work and found three beautiful flower/plants sitting on my desk.  Here are the homemade cards I received for my birthday:

Agnes Hearne (co-worker)

Barb Nesta (Stampin Friend)

Sue Roberts (Family)

Sue Kment (Stampin Bestie)

February Birthday Celebrations

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Cake box i made for my God Mother’s birthday.

Here is her card that I made

February is our big celebration month, we have a February gathering of several birthdays  – Mine included :) )

This card I made for my God Mother’s Daughter, Dawn who is named after my mom.  The Fish Gummy Candy is for her son William.  Dawn is a leap year birthday so we are actually celebratinig her true 40th birthday this year.

Wedding Card

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This is a wedding card I made for Abby and Rick (Sue Kment’s) daughter’s wedding on 11.11.11  It was a beautiful wedding and check out Sue’s blog of all the wedding items she made for the grand event.  Super cool!


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This is a card that I made with Sue Kment’s help with her new Silhouette Cameo machine.  Fun!  I just got the older model from a friend.  This was made for a co-worker who is having twins, a boy and a girl.