Maddie’s 9th Birthday – Cake Boss Party!

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Today my granddaughter Maddie had her Cake Boss Birthday Party, it was a hit!  She will be nine in one hour from now!  Where has the time gone?

Her mom is a real party planner and loves doing it.  If you ever want to throw and party and don’t want to do the details yourself you should consider buying her to do it for you, she does a great job!  She planned this Cake Boss Party after I suggested it as the theme a few months back.  I made the invitation and the banners for each of the individual cakes.  We had a friend, Connie Karp cover all the cakes with fondant.  The kids had a blast decorating their cakes and getting to take it home with them on their cute little cake stand that was made out of 10 inch clear plate and a bowl from the Dollar Tree, glued together with E6000 glue.  It worked out great.

Seattle Or Bust!

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These are photos of the day after the Mariner’s Game.  Priness Maddie had breakfast in bed, rode the luggage cart out to her carriage, went to the Space Needle. Afterwards we were to Beaverton to the mall and then had lunch at John’s Incrediable Pizza on Hall Blvd.   She played games and had lots of fun.

Mariner’s Game – July 2011

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Hot Air Balloon Card

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I made this card for my sister to give one of our dear friends, she is in the hospital right now, one thing she has always wanted to do is ride in a hot air balloon.  My sister and brother-in-law are going to take her on one once she is well.  This is the card they gave her with the gift certification in it for the hot air balloon ride.