Organization – Ribbon Storage

Here is my ribbon storage solution.  I got these carts from The Container Store.  I got three tall ones and two shorter ones.  I love that you can have shallow or deep drawers depending on your need.  The shallow drawers are perfect for most of my ribbon.  I have a medium size drawer for my larger spools of ribbon.  It is easy to see what I have and it is easy to get to, I find that I use my ribbon more than I had been doing.  Most of my ribbon is Stampin Up.  My friend Sue’s blog was asking ideas for ribbon storage, she participates in this weekly blog What’s On Your Work Desk,  Wednesday?  Fun.  I just never got involved but I enjoy seeing what everyone else is up to.

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One Response to Organization – Ribbon Storage

  1. sue says:

    with all the work you have put into your crafty cave…you should show it off at WOYWW!

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