Happy 4th of July

Went to my friend’s “Lake House”. We had a great time. We had a BBQ, visited with friends and family, even met some new friends. We had a nice relaxing day.

Here is a picture from their kitchen window that I took a couple of years ago…what a lovely site! This picture was taken during the winter so you can image how lovely it was in July. (didn’t have my camera with me, hope someone else took lots of pictures to share with me!)

Rick (Papa) took the kids canoeing, they had fun! They especially enjoyed the part of him flipping the canoe at the end of the ride. Yes after 2 hours of perfect canoeing he let everyone out of the canoe and reached for the dock and he flipped himself out of the canoe! After that he decided to swim across the lake and jump from a rope that hangs out over the lake. The 3 kids (5 years old and younger) loved watching him swing from that rope! Now he gets a new cell phone and eye glasses out of the deal!

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2 Responses to Happy 4th of July

  1. Paper and Glue says:

    >Wow sounds like a great place to go. Looks it too.

    SBS19 Sister

  2. Wendy - Anntaurus says:

    >What a wonderful place to be! Glad you had a fab time!

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