White Dawn Rose Bush – Happy Memorial Day!


Here are some pictures of my White Dawn Rose Bush that I got in memory of my mom when she passed away in 2006. She was very fond of White flowers and said you should always have white flowers planted among your other colors. Her name was Dawn so this rose is in memory of her. I never had an interest in gardening but she loved it and turned my sister Karen into a gardener (after she told her that gardening was like decorating except you move or place plants around instead of furniture. My brother-in-law Brian now gets to relocate plants whenever my sister decides to rearrange the “furniture” (plants). Mom enjoyed Brian “thanking Mom for telling Karen that”! My “Godmother” Laurene, Mom’s best friend told me that I could keep this plant alive and she would help me, which she has. I bet Mom is smiling down enjoying the fact that I actually enjoy some of this gardening – especially watching her rose grow each year.

Happy Memorial Day – Mom, we are thinking of you (as always)…enjoy!

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  1. Rosella says:

    >What a beautiful way to remember your Mother! They are beautiful roses!

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